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SS22 Omnichannel Campaign: Give Mom A Break
Client: Duluth Trading Company

Objective: Develop a consistent creative campaign for Mother's Day that continues to encompass the Duluth Women's aspirational voice but also makes baby steps toward introducing humor. Spring/Summer 2022 kicked off the first season to feature the Duluth co-ed brand after years of being separate. Humor has been the cornerstone of the Duluth Men's brand and voice, but it's guy style doesn't quite resonate with the female customer.


Specific asks included:

  • gifting personas

  • easy-button gifting ideas

  • illustration (men's has always used, but women's has not)

  • uniform treatment across all channels: catalog, web, social, email


SS22 Omnichannel Campaign: Ground Rules, Rated Dirty
Whole House Messaging, Garden
Client: Duluth Trading Company

Objective: Gardening and outdoor work  are priority product categories for men and women in both apparel and hard goods. With this whole house campaign, celebrate the spring season by highlighting the function, durability and versatility of Duluth's hardworking gear and how it can help customers grow everything from herbs in patio pots to acres of crops. Any old clothes may suffice for some, but we want to show how much more comfortable field work can be thanks to sweat-wicking technology, abrasion resistance fabric, UPF sun protection and thoughtful design.

Specific asks included:

  • highlight product feature benefits in both show and tell

  • incoporate Wayforgers (real people models with inspiring stories)

  • uniform treatment across all channels: catalog, web, social, email

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